Our Crazy Little Family

Cait to my childhood family and friends, Sweetpea to my hubby, Caitlin to everyone else, though I'm not sure why, wife, Momma, friend, believer, piano teacher, amateur digital designer and scrapbooker, lover of baseball, blogging, sewing, shopping, organizing, and dreaming about how I'd one day love my house to be and look (and yes, I said dreaming, not doing, as that would require a money tree, something I should consider planting in my backyard, though).

Prefers to be called Joshua (though I'll never call him that, sounds too formal!), husband, Daddy, babysitter to the "bad guys" (according to Jonah), video gamer, hunter/fisherman, movie collector, and obscure reference man.

Jonah Balonah, Sweet Potato, one of the best things that ever happened to me. An independent minded but not necessarily independent actioned (doesn't like to do things for himself) little boy who loves video games, Star Wars, Transformers, GI Joes and LEGO. He sings in a community choir called the Little Treble Makers (love it!) and loves swimming.

Micah Malone, Sweet Pea, my itty bitty boy and a spitfire with a mop of red curls. Independent and strong-willed. Lover of cars (currently this includes anything with wheels: buses, trucks, fire engines, doesn't matter, they're all 'cars') hats, shoes, and exploring.

Our hyperactive miniature schnauzer, often threatened to be skinned alive and worn as slippers, brings a little extra in the way of warm fuzzies (and a little chaos) into our lives each day.