Sunday, September 13, 2009

Early mornings, again.

Well, the big day has come and gone and we are now 3 days into puppyparenthood . . . need . . . coffee . . . now . . . with a side of Red Bull please . . . Okay, its not that bad.  It's just that I'm very used to sleeping in until 8:30 or 9 o'clock so the early mornings are a bit of a shock to the body again.  It's amazing how much one manages to forget in two years.

So this morning, I awoke at 5 am to find Batman, a red corvette, a teddy bear, and a sweaty little 2 year old in my bed.  How they got in there, I'm not quite sure.  All I know is that the wimpering from the puppy didn't add to the joy of having Batman's Batarangs wedged between my 3rd and 4th vertabrae and a stinky foot pushing determinedly against my ribcage as if his little size 8 1/2 could push me out of the bed.  Last night was the first night we left his bedroom door open so he could use the potty first thing when he woke up in the morning.  Too bad he bypassed the washroom altogether and ended up in our bed, well before morning might I add.  Needless to say, his door is back to being shut again tonight.   

So, good big brother that he is, concerned for the welfare of one wimpering little pup, Jonah jumped out of bed to go console Bailey.  "Okay, Bailey? . . . Mommy, Bailey need me.  I hold Bailey."  And with that, our day began.  What adventures the future has in store for these two little guys, I don't know, but I'm so happy they are so taken with eachother.  I'm thinking this puppy thing is a definately a good thing, for all of us. 

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