Monday, October 12, 2009

A few of my favourite things . . .

For years I've been saying to myself that I need to start writing down my favourite things and my favourite memories, you know, those warm fuzzy ones, so that one day, in the event that I start to lose it in my old age, I'll have something to help me remember who I am. I know, I'm just a little strange but here are a few anyway . . .

  1. Those first big giant snowflakes that sometimes fall in October when the leaves haven't completely fallen yet, and the smell of woodstoves in the chilly air that just beckons the onset of winter.
  2. Rainbows. I still get childishly excited when I see them and wish that I could actually go to the bottom of the rainbow where it meets the ground. I know that it doesn't actually touch the ground but wouldn't it be neat if it did and you could stand in the colours?
  3. Seeing the lights of Hornepayne and the dark silouhettes of jack pines through the train window in the wee hours of the morning as it's pulling into Hornepayne. I still think I'm going to see Grampa emerge from the train car doors to help me off the train. Miss you Grampa.
  4. Christmas. Especially Christmas Eve at Auntie Dimp's and Uncle Dan's.
  5. My mom's macaroni and cheese and fighting over the crunchies on top. Sorry, folks, your recipes maybe good, but my mom's is the best.
  6. Softball/baseball and getting to be the only girl that the boys at school would let join in their games at recess because I didn't actually throw like a girl.
  7. Meeting the queen.  
  8. Capture the flag on warm summer evenings with all the neighbourhood kids. 
  9. Staying home sick from school and watching reruns of Little House and Leave It To Beaver all curled up on the couch with the softest, coziest, comforter ever. Wish we still had that ratty old comforter. 
  10. Eastview Orchestra, Concert Choir, and Youth Band. Wish I could relive those days sometimes. There's just something so thrilling about making music together!
  11. Dating my husband back when we didn't have any real responsibilities or worries like getting up early in the morning or spending too much money. Ah, to be young again when you could live on 4 hours sleep and had a disposable income.
  12. Beach Front Cottages in Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick. Google it. You should go there.
  13. Fishing with my brother, starting fires in the driveway with my brother (word to the wise, don't give your kids magnifying glasses), making elaborate ramps and raceways for his dinky cars after supper, building snowforts outside on dark winter evenings, and riding our bikes all over town.
  14. Pancakes, rice pudding, or bread pudding for supper.
  15. My Charlie Brown/ Vince Guaraldi Christmas CD. It stays in the car all year round.
  16. Getting to open up our backpacks to check out all the cool stuff mom had stuffed them with for long road trips. We had to wait at least an hour or so into the trip before we were allowed to dig in. Patience is a virtue, LOL!
  17. The costume trunk in my mom and dad's basement. I swear, it looked just like Mr. Dressup's tickle trunk!
  18. Tree forts, Kool Aid cups, Monopoly, and Guess Who.
  19. Summer road trips with the windows down and Paul Brandt blasting from the car stereo.
  20. December 4th, 2003, being sick, and a certain someone insisting that he had to come see me even though I was sick as a dog and just wanted to go to bed. Well, I was glad he came and I just loved my "feel better poem". Oh, and the ring was pretty nice too.  : )

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  1. Those are all really good favourite things! This read was a momentary escape from Bob the Builder and the constant noise :)