Monday, March 15, 2010

Rough Mornings and 'Strawberry Cupcakes'

Getting up this morning was not really at the top of my list of things to do today.  Which meant I didn't really have anything I had planned on accomplishing today.  I've been wishing away the morning sickness (AKA all day sickness) for months now to no avail, and have now had those joyous pregnancy headaches join along in the fun with the nausea.  Nice.  One thing I know for sure, I'm definitely no supermom when it comes to the whole pregnancy thing.  I guess there'll be no career in surrogacy for me.  LOL!

But, little mister had no plans of staying in bed, so up and at 'em we were.  After popping some morning sickness pills and a Tylenol, (and a few trips to the bathroom), I decided I was not going to let it get the best of me.  I decided I would attempt to make some 'nuffins' for my little man.  Little did I know, he had no idea what 'nuffins' were anyway, but he was pumped all the same.

Strawberries are his fruit of choice (and all I had in the house), so strawberry muffins it would be.

It was nearing lunchtime, so I served him up a muffin.  I asked him what he thought of them, to which he replied:
"Dese aren't 'nuffins', dey're strawberry cupcakes!  And I need some strawberry jam on dem."
"Okay, do you want some yogourt to go with your strawberry cupcake too?"
"Yep.  Strawberry, please." 
He's a bit of a strawberry junkie.  Anyway, they were pretty yummy, a recipe from the Eagle Brand website (I LOVE every recipe I've tried from Eagle Brand!).  Here's the link if you want to try them.  They do theirs with raspberries, but you could really do whatever fruit you like. I think I'll try blueberries next time.

Raspberry (or Strawberry) Streusel Muffins


  1. They look yummmy :-)

  2. I love muffins or cupcakes!! I'm gonna check out that recipe too...I've never tried their website!

  3. There's just nuffin' better than a warm muffin, Jonah! Love Nanny

  4. hey...those nuffins look yummy...Grama should try those for Papa, Jonah!And Papa laughed at your comment Jonah...he agrees with you..they sure look like cupcakes to him too!

  5. Love your new background! It looks great. :)

  6. I've awarded your blog with the Beautiful Blogger Award!! Pop over and check it out :)

  7. The things little ones say are soooo cute!

  8. I see you're a fellow 'frog lover' lol. Your little one sounds so cute!! My kiddos love strawberry anything as well. Off to check out that recipe because the picture looks delicious!! Stopping in from the UBP!!

  9. those look yummy, I'm going to have to try them, thanks for the link!

    I'm visiting from the UBP!