Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wedding Dress Blog Tour

A blog I follow, Shasher's Life is doing a Wedding Dress Blog Tour. How cool! So, I thought I'd join in for the fun of it! Check out her blog for links to all the other participants, and tour away!

Hubby and I were married on a VERY frigid May 15, 2004.  

It might as well have been snowing!  The picture session was short and sweet and consisted of bridesmaids wearing the groomsmen's coats and the groomsmen shivering with their hands stuffed in their pockets!  So much for my pretty, bloom-filled, warm, spring wedding.  Oh, well, everything else went off without a hitch . . .

Except for the cheapo wedding cake (or should I say birthday cake) that we ended up cutting with a butter knife because the caterer forgot the cake knife (notice how our hands are cleverly trying to conceal the butter knfe).  Very classy!

The question six years later - to sell or to keep?  Well, I'm pregnant with our second boy and I don't have plans for any more children, so I'm thinking SELL, since I don't think my boys will have much interest in me pulling out my old wedding dress to reminisce about years down the road.  I'm thinking if I can sell the dress, I'll buy a tree for the yard so I'll have something to remember it by, and something we can all enjoy.

What was your dress and your day like?  Be sure to link your blog up at Shasher's Life to join the tour!


  1. Caitlin! I love the idea of buying a tree, that is a fabulous idea! I loved your hair and your dress...maybe if we had known each other a few more years we would'be been at each other's big days..who knows! Glad I know you now anyway :)

  2. Oh I totally love the idea of selling it and buying a tree to remember, that's a great idea!

    Thanks so much for participating in the Wedding Blog Tour. It's been a lot of fun hopping around from blog to blog all over the world, checking each other's dresses out! Such a girl thing to do eh?!

  3. Have you heard of Trashing the Dress? YOu don't have to TRASH it, necessarily, just get some awesome, awesome photos done in it again!! I LOVE this idea! I'll add a link: :)

  4. Stopping by from the blog tour. Your pictures are beautiful. If it weren't for the one where you're in a jacket, you would never know it was cold out. The spring flowers were beautiful.